We specialize in prototype and short-run PCB assembly.


Our Story

Our story starts with a starry-eyed entrepreneur who needed a custom power supply for his new product.

The entrepreneur hired an engineer to design the power supply. It took 15 revisions to get a design that met regulatory requirements! 

These revisions were costly, both in time and money. The worst part was the process of assembling each new PCB. Contract manufacturers were quick to promise fast turn-around and quality product, but the parts received were rarely delivered on time and often had defects.

When our entrepreneur finally found a good supplier, he was required to supply all parts on reels -- even when he only needed 5 PCBs assembled! Even worse, he was a small fry, so his tiny prototype order wasn't important to the top-notch contract manufacturer. He had to pay lots of extra fees to get boards quickly. 

Thankfully our entrepreneur completed his project and got his product to market before going broke. But the whole experience led him to a new idea... 


Our Idea

Simplify PCB assembly by creating a shop tailored to prototype and short-run production. 

Our Process

Prototyping Orders

Typical Quantities: 1 - 100 PCBs

1-week standard turn time (expedited service available)

Production Orders

Typical Quantities: 101 - 5,000 PCBs (per shipment)

2-week standard turn time (expedited service available)

Flexible Parts Management

  • Kitted (you source) 

  • Turn-key (we source)

  • No requirements for reels or tubes


Our Team

A Talented SMT Process Engineer

Our SMT process engineer is the best! He has decades of experience working for aerospace and other high-value clients on a diverse array of boards. 

Experienced PCB Assemblers

Our assembly operators and technicians are all seasoned with at least 5 years of hands-on experience. 

Attentive Management

Our management understands the process and the needs of the product developer. We're ready to help you make your design into a product.

Our Equipment

Mycronic SMT Line

We selected Mycronic (formerly MYDATA) because they specialize in high-mix SMT assembly. This allows us to quickly pivot from job to job, with minimal setup time. 

Heller Reflow Solder Oven

Our 9-zone Heller oven is perfect for lead or lead-free reflow soldering. No part is too challenging for our equipment.